90 DAYS Smoke Free

Discussion created by katherineu on Apr 10, 2017
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90 days since my last cigarette, but at least I have lost two of the twelve pounds I have gained and I don't reek of cigarette smoke.  Now forgive me but I have to vent because I am literally TIRED of no mans land.  It sucks, I can't stand it, I am losing my mind and how much longer do I have to suffer with extreme PMS and stomach bloating from hell, I look Pregnant people, I am ashamed when I look in the mirror, I avoid the mirror, I cringe when I look at my reflection.

Does anyone have severe acid reflux since you quit smoking?  Mine is god awful, it became worse since I quit smoking, I wake up in the middle of the night sick with reflux, nausea at times,  throat on fire, I'm gagging at times, and my reflux is out of control, and I don't eat well when this is going on.  When I don't have reflux my throat hurts, feels like something is stuck and I am coughing and clearing my throat daily.  

I drink water throughout the day, more than eight glasses, I eat activa to help me with my reflux and it helps some what.  The thing that gets me the most is that I have a benign arrhythmia, PVCs and PACs which were under control with Nadol that I have been taking for years and now my PAC's are out of control, daily all these flutters, skips, quivers of my heart is starting to dictate my life.  

I have no desire to smoke but I will have a random thought of smoking, I don't think about cigarettes everyday, I have been doing well with my progress.  All my side effects since I quit smoking are getting to me and I know it will end, how much longer does this have to go on.  

GOD I hope its not more than six months, this really sucks.  I hope anyone reading this doesn't ever pick up another cigarette EVER, its not worth it, look at what I'm dealing with, look at what your dealing with, never make a lame excuse to smoke.

My mom has emphysema and still smokes, she says she can't quit because of stress and her on going health problems.  I never say anything because it will not do any good.  I mentioned once to her that look at the relatives in our family that died due to smoking related diseases and didn't make to 60.  My mother is is 58, you see the cigarette isn't worth it.