neurotransmitter help for cravings (acetyl-L-carnitine)

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Good morning courageous people!


I know I'm a sporadic poster on here. (I don't tend to spend too much time on the computer) but wanted to check in and share some things I've been playing around with to help my brain and body recover. 


Disclaimer- I'm not a doctor or scientist- so do your own research, talk to you your doc, listen to your body, etc. before trying anything!


I'm fascinated with the brain and neurotransmitters and how nicotine works and why we thought we loved it so much. I also have been flabbergasted by the cravings that hit me in a physical way (usually during the times of day I smoked before (like 10am ) and how it seemed to be to definitely have a physical effect beyond the psychological. So- with some research and also interesting articles I've found on here and sent to me by some of you- I've been gently working on doing things to increase the stuff that was damaged by nicotine coming in and taking over the acetacholine receptors. Besides just working on things to raise back levels of dopamine, etc through physical exercise and healthy living- there was still this other gap. So recently I ordered the amino acid supplement acetyl-l-carnitine- (most people use this for weight loss or body building stuff). But I thought I would try it during my typical craving times. 


Wow folks! Maybe placebo maybe not. But I forgot this morning. And I was sitting here working and low and behold here comes the Monday morning 10am physical crave saying awww man, don't you want to go sit outside and get that sweet relief? Umm. No thanks. Gross. So I went and popped one of those guys. Sat back down to work. And maybe 10 min later? That hard core physical pull was 90 % gone. Which is amazing bc I wasn't an all day smoker, but I was a chain smoker- meaning- when I went out at 10 am to smoke it would be a bunch all at once- so my cravings aren't fleeting when I breathe and let them come and go. They pretty much hang there with me for quite a long time. Some days I don't get them at all which is fantastic! But when I do it's like a presence. 


Anyway- I thought that those of you out there who are still dealing with withdrawal symptoms and bad cravings might want to look into this! 


Granted- I"m not sure how this is stand alone- here are some other things I'm doing:


lots of omega 3's via cod oil pills and other healthy fats in food

ashwaganda and other adrenal support

vitamin c

8 hours of sleep



lots of greens




also looking into other amino acids support like l-tyrosine, theanine, PS, GABA but not really taking them all every day bc that might be a little crazy. Just carefully trying them and making sure to check for any interactions, etc. I would advice the same if you're thinking about it.