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      You don't always know what you will miss when you give it all away.

(Actually, I sold it. Most of my musical stuff went to Europe. They love that old classic equipment.)

      When I moved back to where I grew up, there were things I had from my business like a 32' tall ladder and a compressor that would run 3 or 4 nail guns at the same time. A large synthesizer keyboard, a HUGE speaker, my guitar amp an extra banjo. These things would simply not fit in my space.

      I miss something (NO, Not Smoking)

I'm missing playing my instruments, my electric instruments.

I've thought about it for a couple years. They now have relatively small amplifiers that create the sounds of many other amps. They are called modeling amps. Amplifiers with these abilities until recently were very expensive.

You can get huge sounds without making a lot of noise and, there is a studio quality headphone jack that cuts off the main speaker and a USB Out to your computer! Now $130.


Quitting smoking is like downsizing.

It's awkward at first. You're going to miss it for awhile.

In time, you grow into it just as you might hone a natural ability.

You replace smoking with things that stimulate your soul.

You are choosing to not come back.

There's nothing to regret.

It's nothing more than that.


PS Take Some Of That Money You Aren't Spending On Smoking And Invest It In Something You Love.


It's coming Saturday  :-)