Inhaler Effectiveness

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Did you know that minor errors in inhaler use can bring the effectiveness down to 7%? I didn't! I was pretty shocked when I read this article!

This article explains the correct way to use a metered dose inhaler (MDI)

If you use more than one inhaler on a regular basis, it is important to use these inhalers in the proper order. This will maximize the effectiveness of your inhalers.

  • One inhaler relaxes and opens the airways in your lungs. This is your bronchodilator.
  • Another inhaler decreases swelling in the airway of your lungs. This is your steroid inhaler.

Always use the inhaler that opens the airways of your lungs first (bronchodilator).

After using the steroid inhaler, rinse your mouth with water and expectorate. Do not swallow. This will prevent thrush.

It is also important to remain compliant with your inhaler use. Make sure you always have enough medication in your inhalers. Be sure to order a new inhaler before your inhaler runs out. Many of today’s inhalers have dose counters to help you keep track.

Don't waste your time and money or endanger your health!