It's All Here!

Discussion created by Thomas3.20.2010 on Mar 14, 2017
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Gosh, over the Years we've hashed and rehashed every aspect of Nicotine Addiction and Recovery in just about every genre I can think of! I hope you New Members dig around the archives of a few people that appeal to you or dig up a subject that inspires you and READ, READ, READ! 

Our Brains need a good straightening out when we first get here! Addiction warps our thinking and feelings so we have to shake the cobwebs out of our Brains while we let the time to pass without a Sickerette!

Just click on your Elder's little round picture (avatar) and select content. Then dig around for things that are in their writings that hit your need button. They're there - I assure you!

And if you have to start fresh, then ask a question or write a discussion and you'll be amazed at the responses these folks come up with! Some of them will give hugs, some will make you laugh, some might even make you cry but take what you like and leave the rest - to be helpful is our only goal!

Enjoy your Freedom!