Quitting yet again n need Social Support This Time

Discussion created by PirateQueen on Feb 24, 2017
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This is my third try (this time} to quit, on march 1, after having been dx w emphysema and congestive heart failure in October 2016. My longest previous quit was in 2007, and lasted exactly 90 days, until i got hit by a car while out in my wheelchair getting ice cream to celebrate 3 months smoke free. This time, my relapses were also stress-related, election night, and then, getting assaulted for the third time and my chair completely disabled by someone yanking out the motor cord. i've identified my weakness in my quit plan: i have zero social support, especially when i have extremely stressful situations occur. I am severely disabled from a car wreck in 2005, then getting hit by a car in 2007 as a pedestrian. As a result, i pretty much live as a shut-in, seeing only my caregivers, who both smoke, and are not there for 'personal' support, and medical personnel. i do some volunteer work, but it isn't appropriate for me to bring up my personal issues with the clients at the drop-in center, obviously. so after searching and searching, and finding that the local stop smoking monthly group had shut down, i finally found this site. Hopefully, i can actually make it this time. It's not dying i'm afraid of. my life isn't worth very much, as a shut in with no family, who produces nothing substantial. It's the suffocation i hate. And the waste of time and money.