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Nobody who hasn't been there can imagine how breathlessness can stop you in your tracks when you're talking to somebody or simply trying to walk across a room. 


It can be very embarrassing, frustrating, and scary! But it can also cause instant panic and anxiety which causes more breathlessness - more panic - more breathlessness and it's just plain hard to think straight at this point!


I have Doctors tell be - stop worrying! And my response is - "Oh yeah? You try it!" Your nervous system is inevitably changed by breathlessness and your body is flooded with fight-flight hormones. But who can you fight? Where can you flight? You're stuck!


Practicing breathing techniques when you're not feeling breathless can provide you with valuable tools in that moment that feels so out of control! 


Practice these techniques and you won't feel hung out to dry! Educate your closest Family and Friends to remind you in the moment to do the techniques. Once you get started it gives you something useful to do besides turn blue and wait for the ambulance! The techniques help the panic attacks along with the breathing problems. That's why they're so effective!


Yoga also helps. My yoga teacher taught me many different interesting ways to breathe and to associate them with Power! Now when I have an episode I bring up the Power symbol first and the breathing follows because of conditioning. Before I know it my head has cleared and my body begins to respond.


It really works!