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Am I logged out automatically if I am reading but not posting?

Question asked by Bree19 on Feb 23, 2017
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Branched from an earlier discussion

Oh hello me maties!  I'm just so happy to see you all!  Felt lost there for a while...all good now.  I have another question:  I'm not a "log-out" kind of person.  I just like to stay connected (yes - abandonment issues).  I noticed on Tuesday and today that I'm being asked to log on.   When I'm going through everything in inbox, I don't have the option of responding/liking/anything....I can only read.   I then eventually notice somewhere that it tells me to log in.  I do this and all is well again with my egocentric little world.  The question is (finally), does the system log me out if I only read everything and I'm not being active on the site?  SUCH a story for such a simple question.