Pay Attention

Discussion created by Thomas3.20.2010 on Feb 21, 2017
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Are you still smoking? Next time you pick up that Sickerette watch yourself. Pay attention to yourself drawing the Sickerette out of it's pack. Did you bang on the bottom of the pack like I did? Did you count how many you have left calculating when to buy more? Why did you choose this moment? Are you hungry, angry,lonely, tired? Are you on break and have been anticipating this for minutes or even hours? 


Don't judge! Just watch!


Did you fumble for the matches or lighter? Are you standing out in the cold, snow or rain? Are you shivering? Are you with other smokers or alone? Pay attention to the time -  6 minutes, 8 minutes? When you put it out what do you do with the butt? Do you immediately light another one? Watch yourself pack away your pack and lighter.


So what changed in how you feel? Did you feel that nervous energy immediately relieved? Do you feel satiated? What about the taste? Did it taste good? Did you like the smell or did you maybe not even notice it? 


If you want to stop smoking there are dozens of clues right here! Pay attention! You can learn a lot about your Addiction! Then you can make a more determined decision about Quitting Smoking and becoming FREE!