recipe's for living we can not live on bread alone

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I have a little recipe box and years ago I began copying Spiritual  and Scripture quotes ,I guess you might say it was a hobby and I thought someday I will give it to my daughter . I put it away and forgot about it  a few weeks ago when sorting out things on my bookshelf I found it . In the morning I take out one of the recipe cards and read it, I thought I would share today's  recipe  with my Ex'ers 


                      As I breathe the air into the depths of my lungs 

               to cleanse them,so I breathe the Holy Spirit into 

               the depths of my subconscious .

                                          __ E.Stanley Jones 


I am sorry if this is not the appropriate place to put this but I am still learning this new

EX !  I remember reading this quote as a smoker and being convicted about thepoisons i was breathing into my lungs .Now I really know I am breathing in  God's fresh air !