Develop Quititude

Discussion created by Thomas3.20.2010 on Feb 2, 2017
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Not only to make those around you less irritated during your withdrawal period, but to make your Quit Launch easier! 


No! I'm not promising The Easy Way because Recovery is not easy - but it could be easy-er!


Smoking Cessation Experts tell us that your Quit Journey will be EXactly what you believe it will be!


So how do we develop Quititude?

  1. Remember that YOU control your Quititude.
  2. Adopt beliefs that frame events in a positive way. Read from Best of EX! It will help! There are more great discussions here: . @best_of_ex
  3. Refer to our "library" of Positive Affirmations and Support. Add your own! Join the group and participate in the daily discussion Archived: Love Yourself!  
  4. Avoid angry or negative comments. "Take what you like and leave the rest!"
  5. Ignore whiners and complainers. We can always outcomplain the next guy but the winner in this case is the loser!
  6. Use a more positive vocabulary. Avoid words of doubt such as try or maybe. Know that you can do this! Even stay away from words such as cravings - you'll literally have fewer!

We have a choice - not only to Quit Smoking but to make that Quit easier, more secure, more positive!