"Crusin' For A Bruisin'"?  or "Happy As A Clam"?

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     I had no advice or input my first two weeks so I learned on my own.

     The third day of my quit, I was out in my friends patio with his brother who I was supposed to be influencing to quit. He was smoking. I got a strong craving but rather than dwell on it, I laughed.

      I laughed because I caught myself before I mentally started down the wrong path and I realized smoking was a decision I could make or not make. It was a simple concept BUT a huge step. It was the first "awakening" of my quit.

     For the next week, every time I thought of smoking I laughed. After a week, I thought of laughing instead of smoking.

     This is one method of switching the channel when  you think of smoking


     Another is self talk as in saying "I don't do that anymore.".

When you hear yourself say it your thought processing is changed and your mind is actually being retrained.


     Pick something that works for you and do it every time you think of smoking.

PS Laughing releases dopamine.