Hiding from Ourselves

Discussion created by Thomas3.20.2010 on Jan 31, 2017
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Maybe we didn't start out that way or maybe some of us did! I know I did! 

I was hiding from my own insecurities and I found that smoke cloud a great place to hide!

I could pretend to be "cool!" I could hang out with my smoking buddies instead of creating healthy relationships.

I could be "rebellious" instead of dealing with my Family.

I could be "not me" because I didn't think I was "good enough!"


What I learned after time when that smoke cloud lifted is that 

I am cool without wasting money slowly killing myself.

I can be - am uniquely Special!

Healthy relationships with Family and Real Friends is worth the effort.

I am Loveable! I can Love myself just as I am - Addiction FREE 

more than ever!


This Community gave me a wonderful place to start learning all of this.

I began hanging out with people who wanted to Live Addiction FREE!

I learned that we all make mistakes and that's OK!

People who make mistakes and take responsibilty are Likeable and Loveable.


Me, too! Now I get to be me - the Best Me that I can BE - Smoke FREE!