Embracing Change

Discussion created by c2q on Jan 27, 2017
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I like the new site AND it is driving me crazy. I appreciate everything thing that's been done to update and improve our quit community AND I want more. What does that make me? Here, in this moment, between yesterday and tomorrow.


Yes, I love how smoothly everything operates. I really like the site layout, the viewing and editing and formatting options - we are getting somewhere! Yes, I miss, really miss, message boards and the sense of community that seems harder to come by right now.  So let's all get down to business and make constructive suggestions about what we'd like, shall we? Here are some things I've thought of so far. I'm sure I'll think of more, and that's a good thing, not a complaint. Right now, I'd like:


View options:

  1. on the Profile page, for people I am following and who are following me, a small collection board with just avatar images that have hover-over member names 
  1. on the Content page, the ability to customize the "your view" (why isn't this "my view"?)
  2. Drop down menus when hovering over buttons in the menu bar instead of another click
  3. Include the author and posting time/date on recent discussions

Navigation options:

  1. Add a link for the freedom train on the home page
  2. For the daily pledge,
    • one click access to the active pledge stream,
    • "add comment" button at the top of the page,
    • add view option similar to that of content page so you can see more posts when making your own pledge,
    • change tag line on home page from "take the hand of another" - this stream is about strength in numbers.
  3. Ability to sort comments newest to oldest
  4. More filter content options
  5. Navigation bar for threads that have many comments, like the freedom train and the daily pledge

Site options:

Add topic forums on the conversation page

On the homepage, recognize currently active members.

More variety of what is shown on each page. Home shows popular content, Ex feed shows top and trending content, conversations shows popular content. Let's have one of these pages show new stuff, chronologically, by default, please.


Thanks for listening.