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Messaging system

Question asked by crazymama_Lori on Jan 27, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 30, 2017 by TerrieQuit

There are quite a few members that do not come to this site daily and will not know how to use this site.  We need a FAQ section or a help section with specific topics and be allowed to message people whether we are following them or not.  We are flying blind here.  for instance, I just tried to send this message privately to @Mark, Mr. Admin, and I cannot @ him because his name is not associated with his profile nor send something to him.  Another thing, we need to be able to custom how this page loads.  There is way too many steps to go to to see the blogs.  I just discovered today that I can click on the different icons to bring up blogs, documents, questions in a group but not all of them show up.  If I was someone who was not computer savvy, nor comfortable with microsoft office, I would be lost completely and move to another site that was more easier.  Also the recommended content shown at the bottom of the page should have some type of dates associated with it.  I've found once I read a post and found another interesting topic, it's from 2009 or after and not what I thought it was going to cover.  i.e. someone posting about struggling or help and I click on it and it's from 2009.