Stressed: Announcing my Quit Date

Discussion created by jonilou on Jan 25, 2017
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Branched from an earlier discussion

I hope I'm replying in the right place. I am here trying to announce my quit date. Started Zyban today and am very determined to quit for good this time. Good to see you Thomas. I hope I figure out this site. Anyway my quit date is Feb. 8, 2017. Had a good boot in the backside with results from low radiation lung scan. Nothing to be alarmed about, the Doc. tells me, but an area of opacity at the bottom of right lobe. I have been smoking this time for 2 months and have developed a pretty good cough. The doc seemed to think it may be remnants of respiratory infection. Re-scan in 6 mos. What I needed to get me back on track. Thank you for listening Thomas and whoever else reads this.