Don't let the new changes keep you away!!

Discussion created by brittann3 on Jan 25, 2017
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I have not been on in a while due to many changes I'm experiencing but also because I was waiting for the new platform to be put into place.

I had gotten to a point where blogging felt forced and, although I wanted to remain a part of the Ex community, I didn't really know how to. When I was brand new I blogged daily, and maybe even more, but as my quit progressed I found I didn't need to blog quite so much. I would get on, and read and look around, and try to find a place to be productive or helpful... I even joined multiple groups but, come to find out, they were older, inactive groups that no one participated in anymore. So I began feeling like the interactive quality of the site, that was so great, wasn't progressing as much as the number of people who may have been using it.

When I first joined I wasn't a fan of the original set up and how difficult it was to do things I'd gotten used to being able to do with many other social media sites. I couldn't load photos or really do much from my phone, which is basically my computer.

I say all of this because I think that this change in platform will help draw in a larger group of those quitting or hoping to quit and needing a support system. And I really hope that the Elders, who were here to give me so much support and encouragement early in my quit, will not give up on this place due to the changes and difficulty learning ways around. It's this group that keeps people coming back!


I was slightly overwhelmed and uncertain when I first I logged in but, honestly, I just wanted to figure out how to do the things I was used to doing on the other platform; blogging and reading blogs. If I can figure out how to do that then the rest of the stuff can come later. And learning what types of things this new and very attractive platform will let us do is very exciting!! I want to be able to add pictures of my dog and even keep everyone updated of my smoke free pregnancy and photos to come. I'm not sure what all else this new change will bring us but I know it can't be bad.


Everyone please just give it some time! Read over the guide to learn how to do the things you already enjoy to do as well as learning how to do things you didn't even know you could do! I can tell, this platform and setup, can make this a really amazing site to blog and make relationships... if we just give it all a chance!! <3