Chicken Divine

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Okay, as I was telling Debbie, I don't follow recipes but this was always my kids favorite and still a great dish to make and pretty simply.
This is what you will need, and according to how many people you are serving.

Deli Ham
Boneless Chicken Breast
Swiss Cheese
Cream of Mushroom soup
16 oz sour cream, or 8 oz for 4 guest.
I am always use to feeding an army!

Rinse your chicken breast.
Line a baking dish that has a lid with the ham
(country ham is great also)

Take your chicken breast and open them up and stuff with swiss cheese (if I buy the kind in a bag, I will cut them into about 2 inch squares) when stuffing the chicken I will put at least two pieces inside.
Fold the chicken breast over and wrap a piece of bacon around it.
Do the to the remaining pieces of chicken until you have filled your dish.
Then I like to top the chicken with more swiss cheese)

Mix the cream of mushroom soup and sour cream together and pour on top and bake at 425 or 400 for a little over an hour. It all depends on the size of your chicken breast.

We love to have this with wild rice and lesure peas and a salad.