Adding a Picture to a Pre-made Frame

Discussion created by ShawnP Champion on Jun 15, 2013

This is an example below...

   Many have asked how I make the pictures using a persons pic. I use Its free to make an account. On that site, I use the full editor. It's usually a plugin for your browser. You don't have to install the plugin for full version but you are limited on what you can do.
   First off search for the frame that you would like to use. If it's a birthday, graduation, or just like beaches etc.
   Click on the pic and it will appear on the right side. Click on add my photos.
    click on that symbol below and it will bring up a box. Locate in your computer where your pic is that your want to insert.


   I uploaded my pic as you can see and where I have the arrows, you can enlarge or decrease its size to fit the frame.  After you do that, click on save.
    I usually download my pic and add text with another site but if you want to use this site, you can access the text box and go from there before you save. Just going to show you how I do it. I like to save to my computer but you do have other options if you want to post to facebook, twitter, or just get the codes to share. 


   here i click on download to high quality jpg and its now in my computer.