Wannabe active?

Discussion created by julee on Nov 16, 2008
It took me a while to find a queer group by selecting the "View All" link at the bottom of the Groups pod on the main page. (There's not enough space here to explain just how pathetic that is.) I've been trying to quit, and I finally got on Chantix 4 days ago.

I'm so pleased this group is here. Just when I think that being gay is so 90s and I don't have to act up in rainbow colors all the time, something like California's Proposition 8 happens. I've been struggling all weekend with frustration and sadness. And I'm trying to figure out if previous quiting smoking failures, or Chantix, or Prop H8 is bumming me out.

In general, though, I have a lot to be happy about. For example, I got to marry my dream woman this September.

So, I really hope this group is still active.

If not, hope you won't mind me experimenting with the interface by attaching an image of the SF **** March: