Reward Yourself

Discussion created by aztec on Jun 14, 2010
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I gained weight and I have a closet full of clothes from size 14-18. I have bareels of very nice clothes  in sorage from 5-10 I would love to be able to wer some of them. I am currently an 18 but I feel like the little bit of exercise I have been doing is helping me lose . I will post my ne weight after I see the doctor, I was 181lbs last time, it will be 6 weeks and I've been walking awhile. ding yog is the greates, did 50 crunches today, I have some goals listed on the start page.

My first thot when I wrote this was to tell you, even if you aren't the sixe you want to be go out a buy a couple nice outfits so you feel like you look nice. reward yourself, maybe you will get skinnier faster but at least you will look nice whatever size yo uare now. I did and I am happy for it, I bought 3 tankin swim suit sets a top that goes over my waist and a skirt with support for my tummy, I bought two bottoms and 4 tops and I wear them all the time now that it's summer and I can swim in them too, they are sexy but modest.

So do something nice for yourself, when my car gets running i am ging to buy myself a year at the heated pool.

Love Aztec