Ok how silly is this???

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There is a chain of evidence a mile or so long that smoking leads to pain, illness and death. The big ones like heart attacks and lung cancer. Small ones like reduced sperm counts and impotence. There are dollar signs and mental issues. Bad breath, funny looks and a desire to isolate yourself. All that time and money for what green teeth? No, I say, avoidance. I have done it to occupy my hands and to walk away.
Psychologists call behaviors we use to avoid negative emotions avoidance behaviors. Avoidance behaviors receive strong, immediate reinforcement by helping us avoid negative emotions. Most psychologists believe that many addictions and other dysfunctional behaviors are avoidance behaviors--they become powerful habits because they help us avoid negative emotions.
Next time you crave a smoke or walk outside think about what you are doing and let us know what it is.
My last cig was at home after balancing the check book….