Has anyone else had problems on quitting with Chantix

Discussion created by divamom on Jun 2, 2008
I had started my Chantix two 1/2 weeks ago It has finally made the cigs taste bad enough for me to not smoke. I smoked menthols. my hubby said mine tasted better than his while he started the chantix. I am gearing up for day one of no smoking. I got my hard candy and am getting ready to wash all my curtains today we are now a smoke free home so if ya smoke it must be outside. I am a liottle nervous but I really want to have a smoke free life. I am doing this mostly for me but also for my son. I want to be around long enough to see my great grandchildren. My hubby and I are doing this together and he is working out of town a few days so we figured by the time he got home we will have 2 days under our belts without smoking. Any help or advice will be greatfull anyone else try to quit with their spouse? Thank