11 days and 11 things I have notice changed.

Discussion created by andrew3 on Feb 8, 2009
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Well it is my 11th day. I am amazed at how easy this quitting is getting. I guess I am just really lucky since I only smoked for four years. I understand a lot of people have more problems, but I have been awake for three hours. I have not felt the need for a cigarette. I have not even felt the need to have a lozenge in my mouth. This is how my past three days have been. I have only used 6-8 lozenge's in three days. This is amazing to me. I could have never done this without you guys. You guys have supported me and lifted me up so much I feel like I can do anything. Here are some changes I have noticed in the past 2 weeks.

1. I fall asleep at twelve midnight, and wake up at eight or nine. (I used to fall asleep at the same time, but wake up at twelve.)

2. When I wake up I don't want to have that cigarette hanging out my mouth.

3. When I am driving, I can hang my hand outside my window, but not even think about having one.

4. I can eat a huge meal, and feel sooooo full, but not want a cigarette.

5. When I am bored I don't think about smoking.

6. When I think about smoking the biggest smile comes across my face. This is because I know it no longer has a hold on me. I let this thought into my head, and wrap its fingers around my head. Then I just think about you guys, and laugh because my craving is gone that instant.

7. In three days I have only had 3 cravings.

8. I can smell how good my room smells, and smell how bad people who smoke smell. Additionally I can breath deeper, and don't get winded running up my stairs, or doing simple chores like cleaning my room or carrying laundry up the stairs.

9. When I do sexual stuff with my girlfriend I don't want a cigarette. (She is going to love this one!!)

10. When I drink I still do want a cigarette. I don't think this will ever change, so I guess I am done with drinking.

11. My sister's boyfriend has been talking to me about him quitting. I told him about this site, and we are going to look at it today together. For once in my life I can say I love myself, and truly mean it.

My girlfriend is my best friend. I truly am a blessed person. I love life. Thank you guys for giving it back to me!!!!!!!!! I really feel the closest to being healed then I ever have. I know I am not, and I will not stop coming to this site. I just wanted to let you know how good I feel!