Chantix cant do it alone!

Discussion created by erick2 on Jun 30, 2008
You still have to WANT IT. You must be totally consumed with the thoughts of being smoke free. I am going on day 8 and if not for my stubbornness I might not have made it this far. Seriously, just ignore the cravings. It sounds dumb, but it is that simple. You arent going to die from the withdrawals.

Chantix does help though. Stick with it. I can tell when I need to take my pill because I start thinking of smoking a bit more. My friend and I both have noticed that Chantix has a way to make you forget. I can tell you now, at day 8 my urges have gotten less and I dont think about smoking as much. I feel cleaning and healthier already...I really do. So, keep it up guys. If you need any tips just let me know. I want to help!