I tried Chantix two times now, I am not smoke free, did not finish the program, had problems sleeping

Discussion created by Amy11 on Sep 24, 2008
Latest reply on Aug 4, 2017 by Sootie
I have now tried chantix twice. Each time I had nightmares that I were inhibiting my abiltiy to function at work because of lack fo sleep. I want to quit but I am wondering if good old fashioned will power is truly the best way! The only thing that is a big issue for me is that my fiance smokes constantly. I have banished it from the bedroom but the kitchen, living room, you name it, he smokes there! I have quit on my own staying away from those who smoke but now that he is in my life, I can't do it and I smoke more than ever. Chantix was too mind blowing for me. Does anyone have any other recomendations or things that their doctor subscribed that were different? I can't take the sleepless nights, the dreams, the rapid heart rate at night, the groggy, fatigued feeling all day. I'm in sales and I have to be and keep motivating myself and with Chantix, this was numbing and I didn't care if I was having a good or bad day, just numb!