good morning!A smoke free weekend of fellowshipping coming up!

Discussion created by tommy3 on May 29, 2008
hi everyone.
It is a good feeling to wake up and not fire up a smoke first thing or hack or cough for a minute or two.
Another thing to add to my gratitude list!To be able to breathe better,and fell better....
this weekend I am going away with about 20 other friends of Billl W to a mens camping spiritual retreat.
We usually eat a lot,sleep,goof off,and have 3 or 4 meetings during the weekend.
I will continue my pledge during this time and I will try and find a way to stay in contact with non smokers in the program too,like Danny D, who is on this site.

hope you all enjoy your weekend,have a blast!

Tommy.(a some what nervous smoke free for a week and a day alcoholic)