I'd like to know everyone's average....

Discussion created by liz19 on May 20, 2008
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Hi all -

I'm curious to know about those who have sucessfully quit using Chantix - and stopped taking it before the 3 months is up. I'm on Chantix now, I've been taking it since May 1st and have been smoke free since May 5th. Up until this week I have felt pretty good. However, this week, I am noticing a change. I'm down in the dumps, and depressed alot - something I rarely have issues with. My stomach is bloated and puffy and that makes my depression worse because I can't fit into many of my clothes. So, I'm considering cutting back my dosage or stopping altogether. BUT...I don't want to run the risk of starting smoking again. Chantix helps with the urges - which are getting less and less. I NEVER want to smoke again. This is something that helped me thru the first 2 weeks. But I'm afraid to get off the meds. Soooo, any opinions would be appreciated!