Fast From Wrong Thinking by Pastor Dickow

Discussion created by Mary84 on Nov 24, 2009
   Today we’re fasting from the thought that says, “Why me?”.  When something doesn’t go our way, its easy to feel sorry for ourselves AND to feel that God and life are not fair.  And while life isn’t always fair, God will always be good to you!
   Lets change this mindset TODAY:   
  1. Prepare your mind for battle.  The devil wants you to question yourself and question God.  1 Timothy 6:12 says, “Fight the good fight of faith”.  You win the battle when you hold on to God’s Word no matter what happens to you or around you.
  3. Recognize you’re a target of the enemy.  Satan REALIZES how powerful you are, so he tries to bring affliction and persecution to steal the Word from your heart. Mark 4:15. 
  5. Refuse to feel guilty when things don’t go your way.  Stop beating yourself up and blaming yourself.  Its not about ‘what’s wrong with you’ or ‘why you’re being picked on.’ You are a threat to the kingdom of darkness, which makes you a high value target.
  7. Know your authority.  YOU HAVE POWER OVER THE ENEMY (Luke 10:19).  Submit to God (and His Word); Resist the devil. And he will flee—James 4:7.
  9. Believe in the power of God’s intervention. Genesis 50:20—what was meant for evil, God will turn to good.  We’ll stop asking “why” and “why me”, when we TRUST God.  He can turn any situation around, if we surrender it to Him.
  11. Fix your eyes of Jesus—Hebrews 12:2.  He will finish what He started in your life.  And get the focus off YOU and on HIM.  Joy and confidence will come from that. 
I will fight the fight of faith by holding on to the Word of God. I have authority over the devil and his guilt, and I resist him with the Word of God.  I expect God to turn my situation around, and will not act like the victim.  I am more than a conqueror and my eyes are on Him, in Jesus’ Name.