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A few questions about Chantix

Question asked by mart-eye on Aug 14, 2008
Latest reply on Aug 17, 2008 by birdygal
Hello, I have heard that some folks have had problems with suicidal thoughts while on Chantix and this worries me a bit because of my past and suicidal attempts years past. I have beaten most of it now, but I sure don't desire to return to those bad old days..Have any of you experienced problems along these lines?
Secondly, the cost.. I'm on more than a limited income.. it';s nearly non exsistant some days.. I read Chantix has a program to help get it paid for by the pharm co.. any help there?
I'm a former heroin addict and still using methadone. I used up to 145 mgs daily of methadone and now have come down to 95 I'm in the quitting process there too..I've been off of heroin over 5 yrs now.. YEY me I suppose... I wonder if trying to quit smoking now would be less than a horror story or not or if I should perhaps wait it out till I'm through with the "done" so I don't have a double monkey turned 80000 pound whale-gorilla on my back..
Any thoughts/suggestions? And please...I don't need a lecture about H or methadone.. save that for church or wherever you might feel like lecturing. I'm not saying anyone will, but I have heard enough of that kind of dribble to last 9 lifetimes online.

Thanks ;)