Needing a partner!

Discussion created by jpiercefield on Mar 15, 2013
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Hello  My name is Jacklyn I am preparing my self to quit smoking in 22 days. I have already cut back. As I have spoke to other members of my family we have decieded to quit together but we all have very different needs and lifestyles. I am looking for someone to help me throughout the day (other than them) lol I know we have all done it before to those who are close to us, Making light of someone elses feelings, problems etc... Which I am sure as we all embark on the journey together will have its highs and lows I know we will not always be able to keep each other going so easily. So that is why I am looking for someone to help keep me motivated and someone who can reach out to me for the same thing. So Please contact me to exchange info! Thank You!