Discussion created by docmarkc on May 11, 2008
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Yup. Still here. Still going strong. Still waiting for the three month milestone.
I am able to go to the bar and a party with no problems. I still want to smoke, but it isn't a strong urge.
My wife started up again, that was disappointing. The hardest part about that is that now she smells terrible after she smokes. I can't beleive I used to smell like that.
I honestly feel that all I have to worry about at this point is getting back down to a reasonable weight again. I gained a few pounds. Not much, but I don't like it.

Mark is smoke-free and healing for the last One Month, Twenty Five Days, 13 Hours and 4 Minutes, while extending his life expectancy 4 Days and 19 Hours, by skipping 1389 smokes and saving at least $365.35.