We quit buying smokes. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAY

Discussion created by val_b on Jun 7, 2008
Thanks for joining, I know Im a winner, I just have to relearn what I need to do to make my life fulfilling without smokes, It's been almost 40 days since I stared this group and Im still with out a puff. I created this site because I wanted the experieance non smokers to give their stories of how they overcame their triggers and urges to smoke. I also wanted the new comer to know that If we used the current relearn tools that was on this site, and use the advice that the non smokers that had quit for a while.

I am still learning that this is a process. this is my life, and without history (my story), my mind has no life to give, So I decided to give my mind the memories that I want to leave here so when Im gone the work that I've done will speak for me. Not the cigarettes I've smoked. ( We are winners because we desided to fight this nasty addictions and get the support we need to fight it, We learned that this is an addiction that tobacco companies want us to keep. but we quit buying smokes YAAAAAAAAAAAAY.