OK, so how are we doing?

Discussion created by DOCmarkC on Jul 8, 2008
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I have to admit, I haven't been checking on this site much. I haven't written anything since the beginning of last month.
I quit March 16th, and I haven't cheated once. I have had good times and bad times, but the thing that keeps me from quitting is knowing that I would have to restart my clock, and worse, I would have to go through the whole detox and withdrawal thing again.
I guess I am no longer quitting.... I think I qualify as an ex-smoker now. I can't say I don't have cravings, but they are like a craving for a food group. Yeah a ham sandwich sounds good, but I'm not pacing around thinking I HAVE to go get one. I bet a cigarette would taste pretty nasty right now anyway.
Hmm. I used to smoke a cigar now and then. Especially when golfing or while watching a good football game. Is that cheating? Does that count as a relapse?

My wife managed to quit for two weeks. Everyone, my kids,my in-laws, everyone will tell you that she became a stark raving lunatic while she wasn't smoking. I think she convinced herself somehow that it was going to be bad. She didn't take it as a challenge to overcome, but as an insurmountable obstacle that she was going to have to hopelessly struggle against for a while before giving up and proving to herself the futility. Yes, I know that was negative, but you would have had to have seen it. You could tell in her eyes that she wasn't trying to quit, she was trying to prove to herself that she could NOT quit. Encouragement was like throwing acid. We simply could not help her. Unfortunately, now she is the one smoker in the family. We don't ride in her car, I don't hang my jacket next to hers, We both used to smell, but now I have trouble being around her if she has smoked within the last 45 minutes or so. This is becoming a rather serious issue. I don't want to be saying thigs like "You stink honey and it makes me ill... Please stay away from me." She feels bad enough about relapsing.. I don't want to add to the frustration.