wicked depression!

Discussion created by williewookie on Mar 25, 2010
Latest reply on Mar 26, 2010 by lynette4

Hello all. Yesterday I hit the two-week quit mark for myself. I guess I should feel so excited. I have no real desire to smoke, a few cravings but not bad. Today however I became really depressed. Almost like grief! So strange this sudden emotion to fill me and out of the blue. I feel really sad and cannot put a finger on it. I would blame it on the Chantix but I haven't had any for over a week. I also noticed I am really tired. I am sure that this feeling is depression, but I don't usually feel actually sad, like someone has died. Does anyone have any idea what this can be and please, does it get better? Is it possible to feel a loss over not smoking? Surely smoking doesn't have the ability to trigger feelings like this when you quit...