Tomorrow is the day...

Discussion created by catmom24 on May 27, 2008
Latest reply on May 28, 2008 by lynn8
So, today is day 7 on Chantix and tomorrow is quit day. I've been very lucky, no bad side effects from it, unlike Zyban which really messed me up. I've been reading through the posts here and seeing some things I am experiencing too, which to me are good side effects, like how I can't stand the smell of cigarettes any more! Yet I do still have one outside from time to time. I also "forget" to eat which, again, is fine with me!

I quit cold turkey 5 years ago for 6 months and I know it's weak but I started back up because I thought I had gained too much weight and had some major job issues happening right around the same time.

I'll probably be posting a lot tomorrow...