Nursing Student seeking advice... Day 1 --- Qdate: 3/16/09

Discussion created by travis2 on Mar 16, 2009
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Hi... I set my quit date for today, March 16th, a few weeks back. Unfortunately, until this morning, I had never visited this site...

I am a little confused that in the "planning" section, it tells me that I am NOT ready to set a quit date even though I got up this morning and ceremoniously slapped my first patch on to hopefully go through day one smoke free...

I am a nursing student and I am on spring break from school. My days are a bit more flexible this week and many common "triggers" are out of my routine. I have 3 days this week at the hospital so the environment IS conducive to NOT smoking... (I will hopefully graduate in 58 days, 22 hours, 16 minutes from this post... Which is 25 years and 3 days after the last time I graduated college!)

Even though the site is telling me to set a date in a couple of weeks, I think I'd like to at least try to start today... as planned...

Have others faced this? Is there a path through the site / planning that is supportive of this situation that I'm not seeing? Is there another support site that might help me more?

Any help is greatly appreciated...



PS.... I posted this same message on another discussion this morning, but, after no replies through the day, realized that no one had replied to any post since January in that group.