Hey Mommies I gotta question

Discussion created by melissa9 on May 28, 2008
Have any of you had one of your children tell ya that they want to smoke just like you when they grow up? I did my 10 yr old told me that. And that is why I quit. How bout the "Mommy the teacher said when you smoke you are doing drugs. ? Does that mean you are going to jail and I will have to live somewhere esle."When I smoked I got so mad that they told my child that. How dare they scare my kid?Well last week they had a something in health and it was about smoking. The teacher knew I smoked she doesn't know I quit. She asked the kids how many of them had parents that smoke my child raised her hand cause he daddy does. The teacher then asked them to take the paper home and show their parents cause it had pic of the lungs and such of what smoking does. She told my daughter here honey take 2 since your mommy and daddy smoke. My daughter the little smart mouth she is said " you are so wrong my momma don't smoke. So stop your lieing about my Momma" So I got a phone call. The teacher wasn't calling to get her into trouble in fact she said she gave her the best laugh she has had in a long time. She just wanted to call and ask me what helped me to stop so maybe she can get her sister that is my age to stop.