Chantix buildup?

Discussion created by emily5 on Sep 20, 2008
Latest reply on Sep 22, 2008 by mozee
I was wondering if anyone who has been on Chantix for a while has had any problems as they've been taking it longer. When I first started it, i had a few of the milder side effects, nausea, dreams, etc. But now that I have been taking it for over two months, i have a lot more side effects, and they are some of the ones listed as "rare". I was just wondering if there's more of a chance of something going wrong as you continue to take it. Otherwise, it works wonders. Not smoking and not wanting to, but i am becoming concerned that it may be doing damage I am not aware of. If this has happened to anyone else, or if anyone has any knowlege about it, please let me know.