Started Rehab Today

Discussion created by luvsroses_barb on Sep 16, 2008
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Well, I started my Pulmonary Rehab today. It was great! I started out by doing some stretching exercises. Stretched my neck, then my legs, back and arms. Found a few muscles I forgot I had. Then they took my blood pressure and took my oxygen level and heart rate. (They check your oxygen level and heart rate after every exercise and depending on how long you are on the machine, half way through.)

Then they put me on a treadmill. Walked on that for 6 minutes. That got my heart rate up a bit and got me to wheezing some. Before I started, and after every single exercise, they ask you how your breathing is on a scale of 0 (very good) to 5 (severe difficulty). Mine never got worse than a 2 (hard). I'm sure it will get harder then better as time goes on. But anyway, after the treadmill, I was put on a machine that you sit at, and it is a kind of rowing machine type thing. But only your arms move. It's hard to describe and I don't know what it's called. He just said that he was going to work my arms. Then I was put on a bike type of thing, but not the old fashioned bikes, they have those there too, but I didn't go on them today. He said he will work me up to those. It was a stepper bike thingy. (Boy, I'm so good at describing things huh? LOL) This exercise I didn't really like, and this is the one that had me give a rating of 2. The guy on the stepper bike next to me (we were the last ones to leave today) said he was a smoker for 44 years! He said he stopped smoking too, but I didn't ask him for how long, we were both struggling for air. It was his 13th time there and he had worked his way up to 20 minutes on everything. My instructor was telling me this to let me know that it doesn't take too long to build your lungs up. After that machine, he took me over to the steps. Just regular steps that you climb. They were four high. I had to take a deep breath in, and then breathe out while I was climbing. And then do the same coming down. That was all he put me on for today. He said for the first couple times, that is all I'll be on, he'll work me up to the bike and the weight machine. There is some other machines there too I think. I can't remember. I was kind of nervous. I was the youngest one there. There were some people there with oxygen tanks, and they were doing awesome. So I'm sure that this is going to help me tremendously. I'm so glad I asked my doctor to get me into this.

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