Peak Flow Meters

Discussion created by luvsroses_barb on Oct 26, 2008
Latest reply on Dec 9, 2008 by sue5
Do any of you use Peak Flow Meters to help with your emphysema/COPD? Does it help you? What are the advantages of using one? I get severe pains in my chest whenever I cough or sneeze, and wanted to figure out why I get these. My doctor doesn't seem to think they are related to my lungs, but instead to the weight gain. I never had pains like this before when I was heavy, so it seems wierd that the only change I have now is the emphysema and I get the pain in my right side now. I wanted to see if the peak flow meter would show something. Because when I use my inhaler, either one of them, it seems to help ease the pain some. Please let me know your thoughts.