Side Effects

Discussion created by charlette-p on Jul 14, 2008
The first few days of week one I had some stomach irritation when I didn't take the meds with a meal, but that worked itself out. The dreams have been pretty awesome and entertaining so far, and I'm sleeping even BETTER than I usually do, which is usually like a rock. I'm a little agitated, but not intolerable. Short term memory is a little shady, and I'm getting my emotions kinda mixed up. Wierd, like I'll think to myself "Don't forget to put that paper in your purse so you don't leave it here tomorrow," and a little while later I'll think, "Oooh, there was something that I wanted to do...." as though it was some exciting thing, then remember what it was and be disappointed. That's happened quite a bit since I started the Chantix on July 4th. I wondered if maybe it has something to do with the area of the brain that Chantix works on....anyone else experienced this?