Voice and quitting smoking

Discussion created by Maki on Jan 26, 2021
Latest reply on Feb 15, 2021 by CrazyQuitter

Sure do miss music and my musician friends and the good old music jams .. and dancing ...thanks for Giulias recent post I got out the guitar . I can't play worth a darn but no one is listening but me , haha.. I just love singing ... went through my binder of songs , yes I'm old school , I still have binders lol . I can tell I have not played guitar in a while ... ouch sore fingers . Where have all the callouses gone lol . 
Keep singing everyone , everybody can sing .. you don't have to be professional , just enjoy music , and who doesn't enjoy music . 


Question of curiosity though for everyone in or out of the group of music lovers . Did your range or tone of voice change after you quit smoking ? In what way ?