Poor Little Cilia

Discussion created by sylvieberger on Jan 11, 2021
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Hello! Day 5 for me and the morning has been a little tough. I've been working at home since COVID and I would always run outside when nobody was home (I never smoked in front of people- weird) between zoom meetings and get a little nicotine.


Anyway I was looking for some inspiration and came across this article: 


Health Benefits after Quitting Smoking


"Cilia help remove environmental pollutants and toxins that you breathe in. This assists your body in fighting off colds and other respiratory infections. Smoking literally flattens cilia, effectively paralyzing them and increasing the risk of infections and lung injury."



Poor little guys have been trying to help me and I've been burning them up and paralyzing them. I'm not going to smoke today to work towards repairing the damage I've done. 


Happy Monday! Hope this gives someone else inspiration to care for your lungs today too