I feel like that’s all I think about

Discussion created by dudley87 on Jan 10, 2021
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My mind is consumed about constantly trying to quit smoking. I’m heading into day 5. I’m thinking about it too much right? My body is ridding the toxins out as we speak so my body feels so strange! Is this normal? Haha. I was at target this evening and literally could feel myself sweating all those nasty chemicals out! Now I’m wide awake... still thinking about my journey. Grrrr. But I also feel so amazing at the same time. Is that possible? Today was really rough for me. Not necessarily the cravings... but my body just getting rid of everything. I’m literally in detox mode and I don’t know what to do with myself to occupy the mind. Advice would be great fellow exes. And congratulations to everyone. We GOT this.