Covid Anxiety

Discussion created by Ralph1955 on Nov 16, 2020
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  So here we are 10 months dealing with the horrific pandemic and no signs of it ending.  Since my last posting I lost yet another friend to Covid19 and my partners 97 year old mom who caught it in her Nursing Home.  I can't any more; this is just getting to my core and I cannot help but think 'if' I get it but 'When'.  I take all the precautions to stay safe and I'm angered by all the idiots who think of this as just a flu.  It's Not just a flu; it's deadly X 100.  Many do survive, thank God, but others aren't as lucky.

  I pray our New President will take hold of this and do what our last president failed to do. ACT!!!  5 months have past since our president sat down with the Coronavirus team; he's washed his hands of it and all America as he passes the time playing golf.

  I've fallen into a depression and my anxiety is through the roof.  We all want our lives back and to love and share with our family and friends.  When?????

  Sorry for this doom and gloom note but, I know I can vent to my friends here.  I wish all of you a Happy and safe Thanksgiving.

 Still not smoking just as FYI