Very Grateful

Discussion created by Sorice1 on Oct 19, 2020
Latest reply on Oct 20, 2020 by Barbara145

I am so grateful I quit! It's only been 33 days but to really take that last step and say that's it, I am not going to smoke anymore was the hardest thing I've ever done! I used Chantix to quit and that helped me tremendously! I had no side effects,  o crazy dreams nothing! That stuff really works and YES lots of prayers and dedication! It's so worth it! I was reading a women's testimony on here and she said don't look at it as a struggle but look at it as a challenge! Those words helped me a lot! A challenge you can do, your cravings will pass, but when you struggle it's like a fight with yourself which is not good! Well I am grateful for today and the past 33 days! Everyone stay safe and stay strong!!!! Praying for everyone in becoming an EX, God Bless!!!!!