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Do you long term smokers have/ had these same symptoms?

Question asked by Rustoncrow on Oct 12, 2020
Latest reply on Oct 17, 2020 by indingrl.01.06.2011

I quit 106 days ago - complete nicotine quit/ no patches or vape. I am 48 year old female, started smoking 27 years ago. I am 115lbs, petite, low body fat, active, decent food diet, no drugs and moderate alcohol. 

I have always known the 'first week symptoms' of crying, anger, hunger, blankness, etc. Those didn't scare me and they were welcomed.

But I DID start freaking out after 2-3 weeks as other online places did not talk about those WEIRD symptoms for the most part. 

Two things - I want confirmation from long term smokers that this is normal-ish - AND let new 'non-smokers' that some weird things are normal. 

1-10 days: tingling fingers and toes, crying, exhaustion, confusion, blank stare, heart palpitations started about day 10.

10-45 days: complete utter exhaustion (head glued to pillow), gas, urinating every 10 minutes it seems, aching muscles, arthritic feet, gums starting to bleed day 20 every time I brush. Palpations so bad I almost went to ER. 

50-95 days: horrid bleeding gums, all joints and muscles and bones ache, arthritic feet, exhausted still but insomnia started day 55 for weeks, dry and flaky and hard fingertips. 

95-106 days: Anxiety is extreme, muscle tics in eyes, restless legs and vibrating muscles in whole body, arthritic feet. Bleeding gums not as bad, insomnia only 70% of the nights, speedy heart rate at night, 'trouble' breathing though feels like might be anxiety. But scary, severe, breathing heavily like I can't get enough oxygen. 


So that is where I am now. I do NOT regret quitting or regret quitting cold turkey. I just had to go through a whole scavenger hunt to find out that some of my symptoms were actually shared by others. Heart palpitations and bleeding gums - who would of thought they come after QUITTING smoking?


And other long termers like me - please chime in.

Thank you!!