Hello. Can I join?

Discussion created by quitingcat on Dec 22, 2008
Hi. My name is Catherine and I was wondering if I can join this group. I am a toddler teacher and also work at a battered women's shelter. I am ready to quit smoking. I have tried more times than I can count. The problem is, I work in places where I need to be professional, like my watching my language and being polite and kind to people (and kids). I spend my evenings alone, more so now that I can't drink while quitting. I need a place where I can swear and be pissed since I have pretty icky mood swings while smoking, it's insane when I am quitting, and yelling and cussing myself or others out alone at home doesn't really help me since no one can hear me (if that makes sense). I am looking for a group that will let me be offensive in my angry fits. I also need people who will not baby me or tell me it's okay. It's not ******* okay so don't ******* say it.

I grew up with an incredibly blunt family. My brother has always been my lifeline, letting me be EXACTLY who I am. HE is being deployed in January, so there goes that outlet.

I was just wondering if it would be okay if I join this group? I am totally okay being told you don't want me here. Just thought I'd ask.

Thank you.