Made it through Day 2!

Discussion created by tibbetsethan on Sep 25, 2020

Hey everyone, so I don't have much of a support system here that understands much of what I'm going through other than my Grandma who doesn't really remember her quit because she was really sick in the hospital so I figured I'd post this on here  I have Huntington's Disease, GAD (Anxiety Disorder), and Schizoaffective Disorder and am on day 2 of quitting vaping and I feel better than I have in years but at the same time I feel irritable and not "that" great maybe in a little bit of an anxious fog. I have a lot to be proud of today though, I even was able to refuse my first cigarette on just day 2! I also have only been using the NRT (Nicotine gum was my choice) when I absolutely needed it on really big cravings when I am really anxious. Nights are the hardest for me, I take Ambien right now that way I can get at least a little sleep, we are being careful to not over do it on the sleeping pills though! For the most part I am powering through it, I actually didn't know you'd still have withdrawals on the gum but I am dealing with them alright. The most important thing is that I haven't caved or given up, and my body is already feeling... better in a way I can't describe. I thought I would kind of share what I am going through in a mini post because I don't know how to do the blog thing and it is always cool to receive support and other people's stories and what they have went through, feel free to share what day you're on and what was your toughest moment of being quit. You all have really inspired me a lot and have played a big role in me quitting. I am ready to take on tonight and life as an Ex!